Where are they now? What happened to those involved in this story?

(Rita’s Sister)

Having survived a childhood marked by hardships and losses I am now at a point in my life where I feel satisfied and at peace.

Anxious to leave the past behind I married young but was lucky to have met my wonderful husband of 43 years. Our last 4 years together were among the happiest when we could reap the benefits of our hard work and enjoy retirement. When my husband succumbed to cancer I was relieved of the fear of losing him which had colored our relationship. Ten years later, I have adapted to life on my own, enjoy close friendships and have learned to play and relax.

I have two loving daughters whose partners are as supportive and kind to me as they are. Two delightful grand-daughters brighten my life immeasurably.

In addition to raising a family, I was a productive member of society in other ways. Self-educated, I ran a successful retail business for 15 years. An avid reader, I keep up on local and global current events and am outspoken about my viewpoints. Like many survivors, my Jewish faith is important to me and I am an active member of my synagogue and enjoy studying Torah.

In retrospect, I am proud of all I have accomplished. I feel less encumbered by the past and no longer am hostage to the fears that once plagued me. I am able to be more present in my daily life and have much to look forward to.

More profiles to come...