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Ruchel, 1946, Italy
Ruchel (left), Norman, and Sara, Italy, 1947
Sura, (left), bbaby Sam, and Ruchel, Italy, 1948
Isaac Gamss, circa 1955
Rita and Frank Lurie, honeymoon photo, Miami Beach, Flrodia, 1957
The younger Los Angeles and New York cousins at their mother's reunion. Bottom, far left, Leslie Lurie. Los Angeles, 1967.
Rita Lurie, 1969
Leslie Lurie, 1969
Gwyn, Leslie and David Lurie, 1973
Rita Lurie, 1974
Sam's children's b-nai mitzvah. Top row from left, Leslie Lurie, Sam Samss, Pam Gamss, Mike Gamss, Karen Gamss, Clara Gamss, Rita Gamss. Chicago, 1988.
From left, Debbie Goodstein, Sheryl Silver, Jack Frishberg, Gwyn Lurie, Leslie Frishberg, Leslie Lurie. Poland, 1987.
Gwyn Lurie outside of Rita Lurie's original home. Poland 1987
Rita and Leslie Lurie, 2004
Mikaela and Leslie-Gilbert-Lurie and Rita Lurie at Mikaela's bat mitzvah, 2008